Air Krete was used in the National Audubon Society - Schermerhorn Building in NYC

Air Krete was used in the National Audubon Society - Schermerhorn Building in NYC

The National Audubon Society spent five years on extensive research and chose Air Krete for their international headquarters in NY City. The Biosphere II, Visitor Center and Al Gore’s Engineers (Doc Air) and architects researched insulation alternatives for more than two years and chose Air Krete. They all agreed that in order to create cost effective, efficient living and working environment one must seal the building’s envelope.

Air Krete was their choice for many more reasons. Air Krete is an all green insulation and that has qualities unlike any other on the market today. Air Krete is fire proof, mold and pest resistant, non allergenic. It also acts as a sound barrier, has a great R value, and its application process can be easily installed in any structure. The application process completely fills any cavities and does not expand or shrink over time.

Air Krete is produced from air, water, and Magnesium Oxide (MgO). The MgO is calcined, which produces high temperature fireproof refractory cement. When MgO is mixed with water it becomes Oxychloride Cement. MgO is also a mineral which is used in our daily vitamin mineral supplements. Recent studies have proven that MgO absorbs Co2 (carbon dioxide). The MgO activates a counter action to the global warming effect by scrubbing Co2 from the atmosphere, making Air Krete an even more environmentally friendly product.

In the early 80’s now Air Krete’s CEO/President Keene Christopher, Weedsport NY challenged Chemist Donald Thomson to create a safe green insulation. This request came about as a result of Mr. Christopher’s many years of experience with a German firm known as Isoscham (Urea Formaldehyde Foam process) manufactured by Schaum-Chemie of Frankenthal & Essen. It was during the late 70’s Urea foams were banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because of its formaldehyde release and inherent shrinkage.

After five years of research and development using several different types of cement, a new corporation was formed called Air Krete. Air Krete’s headquarters is located in the Central New York State where they set up and train new Air Krete Licensed Manufactures throughout the states. Today there are many areas in the US that are in need of installers. The calls and e-mails requesting Air Krete installation are pouring in every day. The jobs are there. Air Krete needs installers.

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