Thank you AEC Daily for your comment on closed cell foam insulations. The new state-of-the-art closed cell foam insulations are polyurethane based insulations. Although the polyurethane insulation densities and R value are greater than open cell insulations so is the cost. Also polyurethane insulations do not have the ability to retrofit closed cavities.

The greater issue is the safety of polyurethane insulations, they give off toxic gassing and are extremely flammable. Please review the below news footage.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
The homeowners had only moved in about two weeks prior and were inside with workers when they noticed smoke and scrambled to escape. Workers were in the attic installing nonflammable insulation, but officials said that the fire started at the top of the home.
Monte Carlo in Las Vegas gambled on the wrong foam and Lost Face.
The facade was made of a foam building material that “melted off
the side of the building and started a few fires below,” Smith said. Read More

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